Are you a marketing thief? You have to build value first.


Are you a marketing thief? Miami, Florida

Customers Want Trust and Value

It’s a ground rule in sales and marketing that you need to build trust with a client before you ask for the sale. You need to provide something of value to the customer in order to later ask them for sale.

It’s a lot like the relationship you have with your bank.

In order for you to do business with a bank, you need to establish an account with them and put some money in it. The bank will not do business with you if you have nothing of value to offer.

A potential customer is a lot like the bank. The customer won’t give you their business unless they value you and your product. The way you build up your value to them is by being helpful to them, before they become a paying customer.

So, when you are speaking with customers or prospects, genuinely help them with their situation. Don’t expect immediate rewards or a sale. All you have to be is a good friend to them.

Consider your actions as making a deposit in the bank. The customer will be appreciative of your help and be more willing to do business with you. You are more likely to make a sell based on the trust you have built up over time.

So, when it comes time for you to make a withdrawal (ask for the sale) they will know and trust you above your competitors.

Most People Go About It The Wrong Way with

Too often in business, people in sales and marketing tend to go straight to the pitch, followed by  asking for the sale. They don’t take the time to establish relationships with the customer. The customer has no incentive to buy from you. If you have never got to know her or help her, why should she buy from you?

Asking a customer for the sale without really getting to know them, and understanding their situation, is being a bit like a thief. You are trying to get them to give you money, but you haven’t taken the time to make a deposit.

You’re setting yourself up for a one-time customer, when what you really want is a repeat customer. You want somebody who will recommend you to their peers.

So, don’t be a marketing thief.

Every time you meet with a customer make a deposit. See how you can help them, and in the future that bridge of trust you build with them will lead you to more sales.


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