Art Basel and NFTs, A Recap


Art Basel and NFTs, A Recap cover

Early December marked the return of Art Basel to Miami. The 20-year anniversary of Miami’s Art Basel Event also marked major steps forward for the NFT community. The community, largely cultivated during the pandemic, has had few opportunities to actually meet and greet, and artists, businesses, and collectors didn’t let the opportunity of Art Basel in Miami pass them by.

Featuring generative and internet artists who are pushing the boundaries of digital art, the immersive show is accompanied by a fascinating series of talks featuring leading NFT artists and experts from the community

On Miami Beach

@the Convention Center – Mint Your Own NFT

The German artist Mario Klingemann, aka Quasimondo, generated AI portraits of attendees. Those attendees can then use the open-source blockchain Tezos to mint NFTs of their digital artworks. The interactive experience is among the many highlights of the futuristic exhibition, ‘Humans + Machines: NFTs and the Ever-Evolving World of Art.’

@Scope Art Show – Seed of Happiness Wedding?!?

You read that right, Kelly Daniels and Emir Muhovic were wed during Art Basel. Their wedding vows, weddong photos, and marriage license were all minted as NFTs. Jimmy Pierce, the artist behind SOH, performed the ceremony.

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Up the Street – Wynwood and Downtown Miami Events

Tom Sachs’ Rocket Factory

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science hosted a collaborative event between Americana NFT and Tom Sachs’ Studio. Attendees in the museum’s cutting-edge planetarium were transported to Tom Sachs’ Rocket Factory solar system. Announced that evening, the ‘Final Frontier,’ a new NFT collection tied to physical sculptures created by Sachs consisting of 11,000 unique 3D spaces.

Benefitting the Kids: St. Jude Patient Art Gallery

Kids receiving treatment at St. Jude created 6 art pieces for display and sale in the gallery. It provided an immersive experience where guests were able to learn more about the creator/patients. Guests were also able to order exclusive, St. Jude themed apparel designed by Mary Lai. A limited number of items still remain available.

The Gateway – A Web3 Metropolis

One of the most expansive events at Art Basel, nft now joined forces with Mana Common for a MoonPat-powered event that spanned 12 buildings and 2 city blocks of Downtown Miami. Gateway events included immersive activations from Art Blocks, Christie’s, Clone X, FaZe Clan, Instagram, Porsche, and more. More than just brands, there were over 50 of the NFT community’s finest artists, creators, and leaders involved in various event aspects.

Creator’s Market collab with Miami NFT Build-a-thon

The Miami NFT Buildathon team was thrilled to host the Creator's Market. The event brought together technology, art, music, and fashion at a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse space in the heart of Wynwood. It attracted over 500 attendees and offered a diverse range of entertainment and experiences.

The Creator's Market focused on meshing the worlds of art and technology, featuring an interactive AR art installation, a digital gallery of global NFT artists curated by Mueshi, and live artists painting on site. Local fashion brands, jewelry designers, and creators took turns showcasing and selling their custom-designed pieces throughout the afternoon. It also featured a lineup of 8 local DJs and food trucks, adding to the lively atmosphere.

The Creator's Market provided the perfect setting for builders, creatives, developers, and more to connect, learn, and be inspired.

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