How to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads, it’s easy!


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How to spy on your competitors' Facebook ads, it's easy!

Here is a little tip that can help you find ideas for advertisement and or spy on competition or other companies.

If you go to any company page on Facebook, you can find out if those companies are running advertisements. This is amazing good intelligence! In order to see the ads that they’re running, Facebook has a thing called “Page Transparency”.

In this example, we are using Once you are on the “Target” company page, you scroll down and go to “Page Transparency”. You then click “See all

This opens a little dialogue window. You can see some information about the company. This, however, is not relevant to what we are talking about today. If you click the “Go to Ad Library” button, it opens a new tab and this tab shows you all the advertisement that they are currently running.

You can see how much money they’re spending. You can see where these ads are running, like Instagram. You can see the products they are focusing on. Summer is on its way, so in this example, you can see swimsuits, sunblock and beach reading ideas in their ads. This is very valuable.

Make sure to use this technique when coming up with your next ad campaign!

I hope this is helpful for your digital advertising and marketing endeavors!

Gianni Dalerta

Gianni Dalerta

Marketing Consultant and Coach - Bridging the gaps between technology, marketing, & operations.

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