Webinar Success Checklist


In an attempt to systematize my routines. I hope to find efficiency. Remove the burden of potentially forgetting something with my a adult ADD! Finally being able to provide a road map for future employees who may potentially host webinars.

Webinar Production

  • Send a one question email to customers and/or prospects asking them one thing they’d like covered during the webinar.
  • Create Presentation (PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.) Include responses from the email survey.
  • Dry run of your presentation on your own.
  • Schedule the webinar in your software. (ActiveConference, Join.me, GotoMeeting, etc.)
  • Create a registration landing page in your software or create a registration page on your website.
  • Send a plain text invite to the webinar registration page. Use somekind of email mail merge.
  • Call all your invitees the next day, confirming they received the email, ask them to sign up.
  • Schedule a reminder email one week prior and or a day before if your software does not.
  • Tweak, beautify and simplify your visual presentation.
  • Create notes for each slide as mental queues for your presentation. Try not to read a script, try to include stories to support what you are discussing.


  • Get ready for the webinar 30 min prior.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Close all background programs.
  • Log into your webinar at least 20 minutes prior
  • Check your microphone and headphones.
  • Dial your conference number as a back up.
  • Make sure to have a co-host to moderate the chat.
  • If you are showing yourself speaking. Make sure to position your sharing screen or app close to the camera so that attendees see you looking them in the eye, not down, or to the side. You may want to buy a small tripod and put the camera in the middle of your screen.
  • Breath, relax, focus.
  • Start Broadcasting and press the record button.

During Webinar

  • Introduce yourself, your title.
  • Ask the attendees if they can hear and see.
  • If your software supports raising their hands or chatting use that as an indication of everything running.
  • Make sure to explain how the webinar software works, how to ask questions, when you are going to answer, etc.
  • Make sure that the attendee count or list is visible.
  • If attendance starts to thin, make sure to get more excited, ask them to interact, smile, etc.

Post Webinar

  • Archive the recording
  • Upload the recording to your video sharing platform of choice (YouTube, Wistia, etc.)
  • Create a post webinar recap email with links to your video and slide deck. Schedule for the following day.

Rinse and repeat!

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