Why Does My Business Need a Blog?


Why does my business need a blog?

You may ask, why does my business need a blog? Consistently writing a blog is a big commitment. Even if you’re willing to incur the costs of outsourcing it to an agency, it still requires effort and attention. Many small business owners find themselves asking if it’s worth it? The short answer is a resounding YES! We’ve outlined some of the top reasons to create a blog for your small business.

SEO and Blogging

Ah, SEO optimization, it’s an ever-elusive target these days. Earlier this year, Google recalibrated their algorithm significantly, again, in an update called BERT. Hitting the SEO mark can be a difficult and short-term solution, as things may change tomorrow. It’s better to optimize with valuable content that is updated regularly. You may need to tweak things here and there to stay current, but with a consistent library of content for google to peruse, you’ll never find your SEO ranking completely off target.

Communicating Brand Voice and Creating Awareness

Is your brand fun? Casual? Solid? Dependable? Efficient? Knowledgeable? A combination? What better way to help customers get to know your brand than by providing them valuable content in your brand’s own voice. It’s more cost-efficient than advertising expenditures, more personal than a print ad, and can be more effective than direct mail. One blog post can spread throughout the web, heading to secondary and tertiary potential consumers through your primary target audience.

Generating Leads Through Blogging

Turning potential consumers into leads is a difficult task. Your blog post can ease that path by creating a rapport and then adding a call to action. While playing the long game may not always be your goal, moving potential customers from simple awareness of your product or service to an active customer is not always a quick process. Use a strong call to action to move them through the process. Be creative with that call to action – it doesn’t just have to be buying your product. Use your blog posts to create a newsletter, offer a link to download something useful, request a quick survey, or offer something for free to encourage action.

Creating Authority through Blogging

Small businesses don’t have unlimited budgets like some companies seem to. You probably don’t have the funds to name a stadium or sponsor a major tour, but a blog can establish you as an authority with very little cost. Clearing up confusion, explaining a complex system in words your potential consumers can understand, or providing a clear approach to a difficult situation can create an air of authority in your customer’s minds. Even if you’re not the industry leader, if you are the leader in their minds, they’ll turn to you when they’re ready to invest.

In Conclusion to ‘Why Does My Business Need a blog?’

Now that we’ve outlined our tops reasons your small business needs a blog, let’s look at some of the good reasons for creating one, like:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Create social media content
  • Collect email addresses/begin email marketing practices
  • Generate backlinks
  • Receive feedback
  • Create conversations with customers/potential customers
  • Test ideas

Whatever you’re currently doing to market your business, can be improved by adding a blog to your mix. Look around to trade publications, industry news, and the day-by-day activities of your staff to find some ideas. If you need help, that’s why we’re here. At Naka, we believe blog writing is an important facet of a successful marketing plan. We can help you come up with your plan, support your business in one area, like blogging, or support your current marketing team with specific objectives. Book an appointment to learn how we can unclutter your marketing and make every decision count. Once you get started you will have answered the question, “Why does my business need a blog?.”.

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