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Hi, I’m Gianni – the founder and lead facilitator here at Naka. Throughout my 20+ years of marketing, design, advertising, and branding, I’ve always heard the same thing… “Oh, I don’t have the budget for a big marketing campaign, that’s not where my business is right now.”

Look, I get that initial impulse. It’s not wrong. Most start-ups and small companies truly can’t afford big agency pricing and long-term contracts, and taking that kind of work inhouse can be even more expensive to staff and manage. But without some kind of marketing or strategic communications in place – that’s all many brands will ever be – stuck in the realm of too small to make a difference.

That’s why I started Naka, to help companies realize that Small Actions Add Up to Big Results. All it takes is an experienced person with a flexible approach and established resources for taking things one step at a time.

Look at the Results my Clients Have Gotten

Dylan Austin

Gianni is one of the most talented and driven creatives that I know. A great mind for business and a keen eye for cutting edge technology
Dylan A.

Kevin Wasielewski

Gianni is a passionate, talented artist with a good mind for business. He is an enjoyable character and an asset to any creative team. Gianni established Alienware’s creative department and developed it into a productive force that helped communicate the Alienware brand..”
Kevin W.

Erik Calvino

Gianni is an idea-machine. The combination of his innate creativity, his keen interest in understanding our business processes and his grasp of the technologies being implemented allowed him to develop a series of exciting new initiatives for our business. Highly recommended.
Erik C.

Alex Gonazlez

Gianni has done work for me many times over the years and he has delivered top-notch results on every occasion. He has a gift for coming up with cool ideas and fearlessly pushing the envelope on technology to get the job done. We have also collaborated on many projects together which have proven to be successful and have been the start of long-lasting business relationships. If there’s something innovative you need to get done for your venture, give Gianni a shout. “
Alex G.


I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Gianni this year onethereum. Always dedicated and hard working, always diligent andthorough. His wisdom and guidance have helped us develop ethereum to become the recognised brand it is today. Gianni is thefirst person we turn to for advice and guidence.
Richard W.


“I worked with Gianni on setting up two integrated web sites as well as the re-packaging/re-branding of an entire skincare brand. Not only was he great to work with, he was extremely creative and understands his are of expertise.”
Jonathan F.

Loic Delvat

I have never met a person with as much insight into the current trends of 21st century marketing as Gianni D’Alerta. His ideas for new media concepts, a blend of techo-saviness and creativity,attract a positive and profitable result from the end consumer.
Loïc D.

James Bergera

Gianni worked at our studio as CTO helping in the creation of projects for our clients. He has a lot of insight and creative ideas that go beyond traditional marketing. I would recommend his services for anyone looking to expand their ideas online.
James B.